“…A completely engaging story both emotionally and intellectually …”
—Tom Hyman, former magazine and book editor and author of six novels

Praise for the debut volume of The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus

“The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus—Book One, Benjamin and Boudica—strikes me as a winner with wide appeal. It’s a completely engaging story both emotionally and intellectually, and certainly a rousing one in terms of level of action. The principal characters are vivid and compelling creations that will stick in a reader’s mind for a long time; the supporting cast is also first-rate. The prose is consistently lively and evocative, and sometimes quite eloquent. The story’s theme—the rise of Christianity following Christ’s crucifixion in the twilight years of the Roman Empire—is powerfully articulated and presented. The plot is amazingly inventive and powerfully imagined. It is also solidly thought out and put together; the story arc is excellent, bringing the rising conflicts of the whole extraordinary adventure to a thunderous climax and resolution—and a very satisfying conclusion.”

Tom Hyman is a professional novelist of twenty-five years standing with six novels in print in over a dozen languages (Jupiter’s Daughter, Prussian Blue, Seven Days to Petrograd, Riches and Honor, The Russian Woman, and Giant Killer). Tom is also a former magazine and book editor. In his years of editorial experience at LIFE Magazine and the publishing houses of Atheneum, Doubleday, and G.P. Putnam’s, he has worked with the widest of talents, including a substantial number of best-selling authors, academics, historians and novelists.