Apr 26, 2017

Updated Aug 9, 2017

At the point where we left off in my last writing, continuing the work on the Trilogy for the benefit my loved ones, those I would leave behind upon my passing, I was elevated to a much higher level.  I could feel it, in every "bone in my body" and in every aspect of my life and work--that now, included the need to find "Gentiles" who lived in a land not dominated by Romans: a logical place Ben might seek just like other Israelites of the era, who were in similar situations as Diaspora Jews, who had fled faraway from their homeland in many directions.

For Ben, traveling as far to the North as reasonably possible seemed logical at the time, and would mean a voyage around the Roman roads leading directly to their conquests in lands occupied by Germanic tribes.  Going by sea would avoid a number of potential hazards.  Thus the merchant-trader's boat-crew Ben joined in Sidon, and the Dhow that would be hit by a storm off the coast Britton (Albion), washing Ben ashore.

Frank Audrain, Author
Frank Audrain

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