Apr 23, 2017

Updated May 18, 2017

I am a Roman Catholic Christian with an open mind.  I think the Protestant Reformation, followed by the Catholic Reformation, were in the end, good movements in our history--except for the inhuman slaughter in Europe that raged for years as a result of Christians murdering one another--inspired by monarchs who incited the hanging, drawing, and quatering of priests and abbots who had served their faithful innocents well for ages; then having completed those atrocities on Catholic clergy and religious, established a series of their own state churches in order to enhance their power over the subjects who participated, and managed to survive with tainted souls.

In my opinion it was the most tragic paradox and ultimate atrocity, among many, in the real history I present throughout the trilogy.  However, like many unconscionable events over the span of my narrative --including  the fate of native Americans; and later, the Hawaiians whose own queen was overthrown by the sons of missionaries who had come to "save the natives"--it dd have one outcome that eventually saved the Western  World: It was the rise of English Protestants, their history, their common law and their creation of a very special place. The United States of America retained a bond with Great Britton that saved the world from tyranny three times in the past millennium.  Even my early Catholic, great, great-grandfather Pierre (Peter)--the first among us to pursue the American Dream in 1740--had children that soon became members of Protestant denominations in America; and they and their children and grandchildren, for many generations, have served our nation in a number of noble ways.  


Frank Audrain, Author
Frank Audrain

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