Apr 16, 2017

Updated Oct 21, 2017

My name is Frank Audrain, a direct descendant of a series of patriots whose North American patriarch was a Franco-Viking.  He came to the new world from Normandy, entered the British Colony of Pennsylvania, several years before the Revolutionary War; fought for American independence, and had sons and grandsons who served in every major American War since; ending with my thirty years of service--as a United States Marine, West Point Cadet, and Army Infantry Officer--from the beginning of the War in Vietnam, to the end of the "Cold War" in 1989.  

As "The Wall" in Berlin was coming down, my wife Dana and I retired from the Army to began our service in the Wholesale Banking World, at the same time Wells Fargo's Concord Stagecoach was preparing to roll out of California, where the company was founded in 1852--following the "Gold Rush" of 1849. 

One month after Islamic extremists attacked our nation, in September of 2001, my family was relocated from the West, to the Twin Cities of Minnesota (our 20th relocation since Dana I were married in the Catholic Chapel at West Point); and we continued operations in the midwestern, eastern and southeastern states until 2010, when our Wholesale Banking Group completed the final merger and subsequent integration of its expansion from coast to coast.  

After we stepped off the Stagecoach and were finally settled in a lake home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, I began a third vocation, as an author writing short stories for magazines, while thoroughly enjoying life with our three wonderful children and eight, amazing grandchildren--four girls and four boys--traveling and exploring wilderness areas in the West, spending time in Kauai'i, our home away from home; and interacting frequently with Dana's huge, midwestern family.

The trilogy emerged out of all briefly described elsewhere: "a remarkable life" as a "seeker of truth" and the fact that I am "still alive at 75"--miraculously--writing historical fiction with several sub-genres that will provide enjoyment for readers who want food for thought and characters who are hard to forget: average folks who became heroes and heroines--by taking the cards they were dealt in their turbulent era's; playing them well, and leaving the table to follow a pathway described in a first-century promise of paradise. 



Frank Audrain, Author
Frank Audrain

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