May 23, 2017

Updated Aug 9, 2017

The search for Benjamin's ideal consort took some time.  

Ben had washed up on a foreign shore, unconscious, helpless; and must be found by people who lived in what is now England, during the First Century, around 60AD.

Research revealed that they had to be among the notorious, waring Celts who probably considered Ben strange, perhaps, even hostile, given their experience with Romans and others who had come from the mainland to occupy their native land; and they must have had tribal leaders, Chiefs, or even Kings.

I had a hunch.  I found a site with information on famous leaders in antiquity; and there SHE was, standing beside Cleopatra: BOUDICA, the Warrior Queen of the Iceni Celts--the leader of one of a score or more of tribes that constituted the Briton Celt culture!  

Then I found her statue, in modern day Westminster.  It depicts Boudica, the Warrior Queen of the Iceni, in a captured Roman War Chariot--holding her spear.  Her two daughters are with her, both genuine as well, mentioned in Roman histories.

It was perfect!

The narrative could move forward; and the word "constituted" repeated in a different form, as a legacy of undying hope for fulfillment of an eternally begotten dream.  



Frank Audrain, Author
Frank Audrain

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