Author Bio

Frank Audrain the everlasting spring

Frank Audrain is a self-described seeker of truth whose writing is inspired by his experiences during a remarkable life.

He is a direct descendant in a line of patriots whose North American patriarch was a Franco-Viking who came to the "new world" from Normandy, entered the British Colony of Pennsylvania before the Revolutionary War; fought for American Independence, and had sons and grandsons who subsequently fought in the Indian Wars, the War of 1812, and went on to serve in every American armed conflict since, ending with Frank's thirty-years of service as a US Marine, West Point Cadet, and Army Infantry Officer--from the beginning of the War in Vietnam, until the end of the "Cold War" in 1989.

As "The Wall" in Berlin was was coming down, he and his wife Dana and their three children--Dani Marie, Cheri Lee, and Erin Brady--retired from the Army life, in order to begin Frank's corporate career in the Wholesale Banking World, as the colorful Concord Stagecoach (the Wells Fargo brand) was preparing to roll out of California, where the company was founded in 1852, following the California "Gold Rush."

One month after a group of Islamic extremists attacked the United State's homeland, the family was relocated from the West, to the Twin Cities of Minnesota (their 20th family move, since Dana and Frank were married in the Catholic Chapel at West Point) and continued to introduce the Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking brand in the midwestern, eastern, and southeastern states until 2010--when the final acquisitions, mergers and integrations where completed, from coast to coast.

After the Audrain's "stepped down from the Stagecoach" Frank entered a third vocation as an author writing short stories for magazines.  His trilogy emerged from what has been described: "a remarkable life" as a "seeker of truth" who is miraculously "still alive at 75" and offering something with a purpose, a reason and meaning for readers who love historical fiction, enhanced by inclusion of a wide variety of sub-genres providing enjoyment in literary fiction that also offers "food for thought" with some "life-affirming takeaways."  

Frank and Dana currently reside on a lake in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where he has recently completed the 100,000 word manuscript for the next installment of his trilogy: The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus, Colton and Blue Star, in the new world of the Americas.

theeverlasting spring