About the book

The Everlasting Spring

The genre of this work is Historical Fiction with a number of sub-genre including: History, Adult Fiction, Romance, Action/Adventure, Faith & Spiritually, Mystery, Judeo-Christian Values, Greco-Roman culture, Western Traditions, and others.

The author has used historical fact extensively, throughout Book One, and will continue to do so in Books Two and Three, as well.  

Boudica and her daughters are documented in Roman histories.  The statue on the front cover of Book One memorializes them in a Roman War Chariot.  It stands directly in front of Westminster in London.  

Queen Victoria and Margaret Thatcher among many others, past and present, have been fans and admirers of Boudica. 

The fiction is simply applied to certain names and to specific actions and dialogue that people of the era would logically exhibit based on their culture and the historical circumstances they encountered.

Boudica's daughters were mentioned in Roman history, without being named.  The author refers to them as Fiona and Isolde--both names having Gaelic roots associated with the Celtic culture.